Date: 2008-06-05 11:54 am (UTC)
first comment! *punches air!* yes!

so, I saw the words 'some things are free' on my f-list and I seriously, seriously nearly had a conniption. Seriously. XD

>> "wearing the expression of no expression that came from being too shocked to know what expression to settle on" I loveloveLOVE this line!! It's such an awesome description and really just encompasses the whole moment nicely XD

>> "carefully inked in the last few lines of the array" and this is just - awesomeness :D You've got a wonderful succinct-ness to your writing that I LOVE (and totally envy, heh) and this line in particular was beautifully tactile XD (does that make sense? I'm not sure I'm making sense)

Oh god, the Winry one!! It huuuurts! T.T
>> "Winry never stared at his false arm with such pity" God, this made me want to cry, seriously (again with the precise use of language that has that beautiful stated-ness to it and cuts me from the gut up XD)

The some things are free one I loved as well, of course *grins* I love the idea of Ed doing something so mundane as finances, and this gave such a sense that he was a daddy, even though it was hardly mentioned XD And ohohoh!! When Esta suggested asking his dad for help /I/ wanted to snarl "No! Not ever!" O.o And then I had to let it go, but oh, it hurt T.T aheh.

Anyway! This one feels muted and quiet even with the thrumming tension underneath that maybe they won't be able to fix it, but then Esta's there and they've got a baby and they'll get through it together and it's all quiet but soft-hopeful and I love it XD *hums happily and sinks into a haze of contented bliss*

So to conclude: it was awesome, thanks so much for posting!!! XD *♥ all over!* :P

Ah, long comment O.o Am I still first??

*slinks back off to RL and comment-suxor land*
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