Date: 2008-06-06 07:07 am (UTC)
*beams and does dorky happy jig* That is, like, my favorite line out of all my genderswitch drabbles (of which there are FAR too many) so I am super glad you liked it. I can totally see Roy, were Ed to ever really be turned into a girl, just standing there while his brain falls into pieces and trying really hard to not look like the fact that Ed has boobs just hit him with the force of a metal fist to the face.

I am actually quite the Ed/Winry fan. (Manga!verse Ed/Winry, anyway.) I just don't usually write it because... well, it just doesn't grab me like Roy/Ed does. But Ed and other versions of people he knew and loved on his side of the Gate are always fun, because they are always, always going to suck on at least some level for Ed.

I have about two dozen itty bitty Ed/Esta scenes that I just haven't used yet. The STAF!verse is one I've had in my head since about five minutes after I watched the last episode of the series.

Daddy!Ed is just heartwarming and wonderful. I mean, Ed just makes the best parent. And when I think of Ed as a parent, I then end up thinking of Ed's relationship with his own father, and so end up with much Ed and Hohenheim bonding in that verse. And- .... Okay. I have STAF on the brain. I am rambling again. (I spent an hour bouncing ideas for this verse off my mother. You'd think it would be out of my system.)

And I still find it funny that we envy each other's writing.
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