Date: 2008-06-06 07:20 am (UTC)
How about... clean my garage, loan me $1,300 and find me Ed/Riza doujinshi?

What is with you two and acting like I am your personal fanfic writer? Can't you write your own fic ever? I wish you weren't visiting your grandma because I just got a world atlas from the 40's and it is heavy. I plan to smack you upside the head with it when I see you next.

Lissy! Damn, when was the last time I wrote her? Like, four years? (She was awesome. Her and Winry would have been soulmates. They would have bonded over gutted airships and How To Properly Beat Your Wayward Brother With Tools discussions.)

I am almost done with the Some Things Are Free/FFVII crossover you asked for. I just dumped Roy, Ed and Anya in my TWC!verse. Hope you like it.
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