Date: 2008-06-09 12:27 pm (UTC)
Roy twin! *glomps!* lol, I do love that about Roy, that the shock comes and he just kinda shuts down :D Or, Roy's other incarnation which goes: *shock*
"... ok." *life continues*. I love it so much it just makes me want to squEEze something *eyes emwitchwood* XD

Oh! and I agree with... bella_eve. If you wrote genderswitch, I'd totally read it. And I hate genderswitch with such vigorous loathing that the very sky trembles. You think lightning causes thunder? Oh, no. That's me, stumbling across genderswitch.

Ah, i haven't read the manga yet (blasphemy, I know), but maybe I wouldn't mind the pairing so much then. I just... they're so wrong for each other in the series, it would never work. And *with much imperiousness* there is no need to explain. I understand the lure of Roy/Ed. *nods sagely*

... seriously, I am not on anything. Seriously.

*gives in to the rambling* That is definitely the thing I love the movie for the most (not so much that it had doubles, but that it had doubles so that we could then use that in fic)... *grin* I love the idea of Ed going through the gate, missing all the people on his side - and then getting home somehow, and missing all the people on this side and being disconnected with home. zomg, too much angst-love for my poor little heart! *swoons*

Definitely, everything you said :D I love how Ed either a) reconciles with his father (because that's so good for Ed and makes me want to heart all over) or b) realise what a true fucktard his father really is, because he LEFT, and Ed simply couldn't fathom doing that to his own kid - oh! and c) (though this always applies) is Ed realising just how yound he was when he did all that stuff XD

*snickers* that is pretty funny :P writers are strange, strange creatures O.o
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