Date: 2008-06-09 11:17 pm (UTC)
I have so many little scenes like this that I am considering posting them as little snapshot stories. I mean, gee, I only have a document labled Death Row (since most of it ends up either in the recycling bin or forgotten) that's 76,345 words long. And all of it is either STAF or STAF AUs. *scratches back of head sheepishly* I do have a life. Really. I just ignore it to write until my brain leaks out my ears.

What Lana says is important, but, yeah, I don't think I want this scene in the chapter. *dumps in Death Row with all the other false starts* Starting Wednesday I am going to have an entire week to myself. So, hopefully peace and quiet and not having to worry about anything but watering the damn plants (and feeding the cats, but we don't like each other much so that's low on my priority list) will equall getting chapter 7 done. Hopefully.

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