Date: 2008-06-09 11:50 pm (UTC)
I hate genderswitch for the fact that it always feels insulting. To women, to gay men. (I mean, if Ed was banging Roy/Ling/Russell/Al or whoever before he was female, okay, fine, but why would he only be attracted to them after he was female?) Also, they turn Ed into a girl. Having boobs does not change how you think or feel. It does not make him a whiney, mopey, blushing idiot. Which is why it is insulting to women. I don't know very few women that act like that. And- It just- It's Ed. With extra parts and missing parts and having to learn about things that he probably never wanted to think about before (Winry: This, Ed, is a tampon. Ed: .....), but still Ed. Which barely skims the surface of why I dislike genderswitch, but I just had that scene in my head, and then I had to think, "... what am I thinking? Ember, you are not going to write a genderswitch fic." ... but, well, I had the scene in my head, and that lead to other scenes, and, you know. I just had to. And I shall stop rambling about genderswitch now.

The manga is pretty awesome. But... all the characters are subtly different. Kimbley, for instance. In the anime he's just a crazy fuck who likes to blow people up. In the mange, he has an actual personality. You get to see the reasoning behind the insanity. I absolutely hate him but I love him. Does that make sense?

Anime!verse Ed/Winry I just can't see happening. They have, to me, no chemistry, and Al is in love with Winry. (which, I'm fairly certain, kills any possibilty of Ed making a move.) Also: Roy. Even if it's not Roy/Ed, there's no denying that they care for each other. Having the man you love be loyal to and care deeply about the man who killed your parents, no matter how awesome a person Winry is, that's bound to cause a some difficulties.

One of the things I like about other world versions of the people Ed knows is how much you could make them twist. People Ed knew who were good, decent people could be the worst kind of monsters. On the other hand, Archer could be a kind, peace-loving botanist who gives out free candy to children. (Though that might be pushing it. And I like making him a bastard.) Also, yes, the angst. If Ed spends long enough on our side of the Gate, then really, he'll never be "home".

I love the idea of Ed finally deciding, "Yes, my dad is a 1st class asshat. Yes, what he did was fucked up. No, he wasn't there when I fucked up. But he's my father, and he's here now."
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