Date: 2008-06-14 07:22 am (UTC)
Oh god! *flails* I thought I was the only one! (though maybe that's because all the people who think the same don't write genderswitch for the same reason I don't? *facepalm* lol. And, well, yes, we all know how spastic I am about keeping fanfic characters IC, so I needn't even begin that rant ^^ Suffice to say I agree on all points - and if I say anything else it will turn into a very looooong rant, and so I won't ^^ (though I will say I understand the urge - I wanna write one now just so it's done the way I want *rolls eyes at self*)

It does ^^ hm, another point to the manga - I love crazy/mentally ill/socially inept characters O.o

Yes! Yes yes yes!! I always felt that when it came to Ed, anime!Winry was... what's the word for female emasculation? And she's always after Ed to /change/ (which is something that just drives me up the wall - *gnashes teeth just thinking about it*), or just settle in Risembool and, ok, I can see that's an understandable expectation from her POV, but it just shows that she'll never /understand/. She would just disregard everything he's been through with bouts of allowing too much and it would just never work! Argh!! And I also think Al fades into the background in his armour (ironic, really O.o lol) and that if they were older and he was restored then Winry would be able to /see/ him... and I'm going to stop ranting about this O.o lol (and ooh, I never thought about the Roy thing - seeing as I have never thought much about Ed/Winry - but that's v. true, and I don't know whether Winry could forgive Ed's knowing and not-choosing-her-ness... if that makes sense)

>> "he'll never be "home" " - god, just that made my heart clench O.o *hugs Ed* And it's always cool to see how people have rearranged the characters (lol, for all the same reasons I love AU in the first place ^^) but the thing I love the most is the I-know-you-I-don't - oh, oh, just so much goodness XD

>> "Archer could be a kind, peace-loving botanist who gives out free candy to children" - and this just cracked me up so hard *cackles*

*squirms* I mean... if it wasn't really Hohenheim's fault, if he did it to protect them, ok, I think Ed could relate to that (being as he left Al to save him) and would grudgingly accept it. But if he just left coz he was rotting (I'm not clear about this any more, because it's been a while since I've watched FMA and now canon and fanfic is all smudged in my head O.o lol) then I don't know (aheh, I haven't seen/talked to my dad in nearly 6 years now and the world will be better off when he kicks the bucket, so as we can see I am not a believer in 'he's my father, that means something' O.o) Ah, *rambles*

... *crawls back to RL now*
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